FFeedback from a few clients who have benefited from Gwen's services.


Jane, Ripley
“After several unsuccessful visits to the GP, and a consultant, about a range of symptoms, I decided to consult Gwen about my diet. I only wish I had consulted Gwen years ago. I first saw her about 7 months ago, and her help and advice have been invaluable. She is realistic in her expectations and understands how difficult it can be to change your ways with regard to food and lifestyle.
I am now at the point of having a diet and lifestyle that suit me well, and most of my former symptoms have either disappeared or been greatly ameliorated.
Gwen has always gone the ‘extra mile’ and has proved amazing value for money. She is knowledgeable, conscientious and thorough.
You can’t put a price on good health. “
Brian, Harrogate
“I have just received the results of my HbA1c blood test which as you may well know is the gold standard test for diabetics as it measures the blood glucose over a 3 month period.It is down to 53 mmol/mol which is a reduction of 3 points versus last time and my doctor is quite surprised as usually, of course, it increases with age. I am delighted with this result as it has been static for years after a previous increase.
A job very well done in my book.”
Jane , Harrogate
“Doing the plan has been a real joy! The knowledge and support that Gwen has to offer is invaluable.
What I will take away from it is the confidence to make the right choices for me and a new outlook on health and wellbeing.
Thank you”
A happy customer
“I came to Gwen nearly morbidly obese with multiple health problems including acid reflux and severe lethargy. I was delighted by the thorough fact-finding of where my diet was not satisfactory and the resulting diet options given to me by Gwen. The nutrition advice I received and followed has turned my world around.
The day long lethargy has been replaced by energy and a sense of wellbeing the symptoms of my illnesses disappeared and I have lost four stone in six months safely. I found a new joy in life from my improved health and enjoyable diet.”
Marianne, Halifax
Last year a family member recommended Gwen to me after years of suffering with constant indigestion, unaffected by several prescriptions of Lansoprazole and daily doses of Gaviscon. 
My first appointment answered so many of my questions related to my symptoms.  Gwen started me on a three-stage programme and provided me with lots of advice and recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid. I have thoroughly enjoyed the different phases of the food plan.

Gwen has helped me to combat Candida overgrowth which was one of the root causes of my symptoms, caused by stress, long term usage of antacids , contraceptive pill, roaccutane  and the occasional use of antibiotics. Thanks to Gwen, I now know how to make the right choices for my body and have a much better understanding of my body’s tolerances to amounts of certain foods such as gluten and dairy. 

The nutritional advice has completely changed my whole diet for the better. Gwen has introduced me to new foods, recipes, beneficial dietary practices and tips.  I can now enjoy food that I previously avoided due to the fear of aggravating an already painful condition. 

Discovering Bk nutrition has had such a positive impact on my general well-being and overall health.

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Gwen is a fully qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist working in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire.