Are you out of money? Go to the hugo gra polsla POSTS and you will make a good profit! I have been seeing so many women with hormonal issues and I want to help.


You suspect that your hormones are not working the way they should be. You may feel tired but wired at times, moody tearful or angry, irritated for no apparent reasons, hot flushes or not sleeping.

There are many factors contributing to hormonal imbalances and it can be different for every woman that I see. However, I can help you to implement some of the following steps which can greatly improve your symptoms.



1- Learn how to regulate your blood sugars. Key to balancing our hormones and yes this does mean eliminating sugars from your diet!

2- Eliminate/ reduce for a period of time food item which potentially is a burden for your system.

3- Poor digestion. Did you know that a lot of our hormones are actually manufactured in your digestive tract?

4- Nutritional deficiencies; B and C Vitamins, amino acids, Zinc and magnesium are all pretty important when it comes to balancing hormones

5- Learn how to de-stress. At the menopause, our adrenals – responsible for our stress response- are the ‘backup plan ‘when our ovaries stop producing hormones. So it is pretty important to get right ;O)

6- Test your hormones if necessary in order to further tailor the dietary recommendations.



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Gwen is a fully qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist working in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire.